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Club Awards for 2014/15/16/17

Lifetime Achievement Award

No award for season 2014/15

Charlie Budget 2015/16

Rob Robson and Andy Frost 2016/17

Chairman's Shield
Sally Ford 2014/15

Odie Evans 2015/16

Will Janes 2016/17

Colin Durbin Cup, for outstanding contribution to West Wilts Hockey Club
Richard Robson

Shahair Aissaoui 2015/16

Ralph Frostick 2016/17

Geoff Thomas Award, The Club's Most Improved Player
Adam Bard and Laura Smith

Lucy Beer and Alex Arnold 2015/16

Ben Lemon and Ali Brown 2016/17

Young Boy, Season 2014-15

Charlie Dillon

Ewan Kent 2015/16

Nathan Brown 2016/17

Young Girl, Season 2014-15
Lucy Diggins

Katie Gibson 2015/16

Abi Bennett 2016/17

Top Gun Men
Rob Robson 

Rob Robson

Top Gun Women
Kirsty Stewart

Livie Evans

Nichola Ford

Junior Top Gun
Melissa Ilic 

Lulu Cope and Isaac Kennedy

Abi Bennett 

Team Awards:
Masters:    Richard Robson
Men's 6th: 
Men's 5th: Clive Nash 2014/15; Steve Neathey 2015/16
Men's 4th: Jake Parker 2014/15; Charles Robson 2015/16
Men's 3rd: Dan Turner 2014/15; Mike Cooper 2015/16
Men's 2nd: Phil Jeffreys 2014/15; Ben Lovell 2015/16
Men's 1st: Paris Goddard 2014/15; Matt Elloway 2015/16

Womens' 3rd: Holly Barry 2014/15; Jess Agate 2015/16
Womens' 2nd: Laura Smith 2014/15; Sarah Proven-Shanks 2015/16
Womens' 1st: Livie Evans 2014/15; Jess McLean 2015/16